Mangalitsa - half hog deposit

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A deposit for half a heritage Mangalitsa pig. 

Mangalitsa shares are $13.50 a pound "hanging" Average weights for half pig shares are 100-120# Shares may be slightly smaller or larger. Customers can request either end of the spectrum of weight and we will try to accommodate you, but it all depends on the cooperation of nature. 

The fee includes all harvest and basic butcher cut and wrap and local delivery of the frozen cuts right to your freezer. It is all inclusive. Customers that wish to do their own butchering can have their share delivered to a local butcher for .50 less a pound. ($13.00 a pound hanging)

All costs of curing is coordinated through the butcher and is paid for directly by the customer. It is not part of this fee.  

You will be notified on harvest of your total weight and we will collect the balance due. Delivery or pick up of non cured meat will be approximately one weeks later, curing is coordinated through the butcher  when all the curing is complete.